Lil Xan is retiring after hearing about Mac Miller’s death.

The unfortunate events that spiraled from Mac Miller’s death are extending far beyond just his career, and his impact is more than prevalent right now. In light of Mac’s prominence and reign, Complex dropped off a tribute video on their YouTube.

In the clips shown, Lil Xan is seen taking a self-video paying his respects to the late rapper. Diego explains that Mac was the main reason he started to make music, and he’s also the main reason on why he’s quitting music. Xan also says that he’s done dealing with the massive amount of hate he’s been getting.

Fans are hoping Lil Xan can find himself and make a return to trapping, rather than giving up on the genre industry completely. Regardless, if Diego sticks to his word, another career looks to be buried in the books. Watch the clip below, seen at 19:20.

Featured Image via Instagram