Lil Yachty x Chance The Rapper – “Atlanta House Freestyle” [STREAM]


Stream “Atlanta House Freestyle” from Chance The Rapper and Lil Yachty.

What better way to get fans through the week then bringing a high profile collab to the table, and Chance & Yachty planned to do just that. Today they come through with a hefty joint freestyle.

The song serves as a testament to their origins as the swap verses back and forth with no real ground for a chorus or melodies. Instead, they keep the track super raw, virtually unmixed to further connect their artistic styles as they lie without all the effects.

You get a real work ethic vibe, as both artists display their vocals in a high manner with tasteful lyrics. Take a listen to the short bop above, and be prepared for more content from both curators.

atlanta house freestyle
Lil Yachty x Chance The Rapper – “Atlanta House Freestyle”