Logic and Killer Mike make a great team, and Logic’s album is on the way.

About a month ago, Logic Tweeted this:

Then, Logic didn’t Tweet since then. Until now. Logic is back on social media. So, what exactly does this mean? Welp, we can expect that Logic’s album is done, and it is on the way. Logic also hit the studio with Run The Jewels member Killer Mike.

Run The Jewels is fresh off their album Run The Jewels 3, and it proved their position in the rap realm. If you don’t remember, Logic and Killer Mike did a track called Tree Of Life:

Now, Logic Tweeted that he was in the studio with Killer Mike, and we may be able to expect big Mike on Logic’s next studio album. Logic is also performing at the Governor’s Ball in NY, which is a big stepping stone for the artist. Peep Logic’s Tweet below, and stay tuned as we get more word on Logic’s next studio album.