Bobby Tarantino 2 easter eggs

We took a deep dive into Logic’s Bobby Tarantino 2 mixtape to find some really cool hidden easter eggs and refrences

Delivering a super unique method to announcing a mixtape, Logic announced his Bobby Tarantino 2 mixtape with the help from a short film from Rick & Morty. Logic has always been one of the most unique artists in all of music. Since the begginning of his studio albums, Logic has enlisted the help of famous artist Sam Spratt for his unique cover art’s.

Starting in his Incredible True Story album, Spratt has been incorporating hidden easter eggs and references throughout his arts. Logic has shared many of his interests and inspirations with his fans usually from video games, films and movies, and his past experiences. Spratt then takes these and incorporates them into his covers. Just as his past arts, Bobby Tarantino 2 is full of cool easter eggs and references so we compiled a list of each one.

  1. To start off the list, the whole covert art is derived from a scene in one of Logic’s favorite film’s the classic 1993 film Pulp Fiction. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the motive for the mixtape name. The cover art depictes a scene in the movie where Butch (character) flee’s a fight in the movie while wrapping his bloody hand in the back of a taxi.
  2. In the top right the street sign says “Paradise” a refrence to Everybody, where Quentin & Kai were looking for in the album skits. It also says “85 Miles” a refrence to his next album Ultra 85, which is pretty neat.
  3. In the driver’s seat Logic’s wife Jess is driving wearing some earbuds and driving stick shift. This is a refrence to the movie “Baby Driver,” a movie that stars Logic’s good friend Ansel Elgort, who was also featured in one of his older songs “Killing Spree.”
  4. On the bottom left corner you can see a box containing a few items. One of the stand out items would be a Katana. This references Kill Bill another Tarantino movie. Also in the box is a rubix cube, Logic’s favorite toy. Logic’s favorite blue “Flex” hat is also in the box as well as a book titled “Supermarket,” written by Logic last year which was also in the first BT cover art.
  5. Engraved on the box is also Logic’s favorite quote “Peace, Love, & Positivity” using the emojies “✌🏼 ❤ ➕”
  6. In the bottom right there is also a cool little robot from the theme of Everybody, named Thalia.
  7. For the jacket laying on Bobby’s lap, some say it is the jacket from Kill Bill and other’s say it’s the jacket he wore in the Everybody cover.
  8. And last but not least there are two Rick & Morty stickers on the dash board, Logic’s favorite show which he also guest appeared on last fall.

Did we miss any easter eggs? Let us know on Twitter and stream Bobby Tarantino 2 in it’s entirety here.

Bobby Tarantino 2 easter eggs
Logic – Bobby Tarantino 2