Logic’s final album No Pressure will release on July 24th.

It’s been an overwhelming career of ups and downs for the Maryland rapper, who feels like he was just breaking out in the hip hop industry with his release of Under Pressure back in 2014. Bobby has teased the idea of his retirement a few times prior to this announcement, but it looks like the end of his career as a rapper is just on the horizon.

Today Logic took to his Instagram to officially announce his retirement from the music industry, alongside an announcement for his forthcoming album, which will be titled No Pressure. It’s got the aesthetic and feel from the artwork to the title that he’s bringing it back to his 2014 roots, and his discography is coming to a close with a telling story. The album, which serves as his 6th studio effort, will be executive produced by his longtime go-to No I.D. Logic’s IG caption reads: “Officially announcing my retirement with the release of “No Pressure” executive produced by No I.D. July 24th… It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father.”

It was a short notice, as the project will be releasing next Friday, July 24, on all streaming services. Check Logic’s official announcement below, and stay tuned for the full album come next week. Let’s say goodbye to quite the impactful kingpin on the music industry next week!