New Logic Interview: 2 New Albums + Flow And Lyrics


Logic gets personal by connecting to listeners by speaking through division.

A Logic interview never falls short of well-spoken.  In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Logic tells us where he stands on his upcoming projects.  He tells us how he hates division but loves diversity.  He explains how he loves what makes us different, but not what seperates us.

My skin fair but life’s not, and I be lyin’ if I said I didn’t care what whites thought…

Logic tells us how he is currently working on 2 new albums with one of them “Probably won’t come out for 2 years”.  We are unsure about this other album other than the fact it will be “fun”.

He previews some new lyrics to his fans as he explains how his first album Under Pressure is young Bobby’s come up, and his most recent album The Incredible True Story is told by where he is at how he wants his fans to be able to do what they want in life.  His next album is going to be told through his fans and surely sounds like it will stir up some controversy.  Stay tuned with us to stay updated on his upcoming projects, and peep his interview above!