Logic Announces “Young Sinatra 4” With “YSIV Freestyle”


The Young Sinatra 4 release date has been unveiled.

If you’re a long time Logic fan, you’ve probably got your start back when Logic was dropping some of his best content through his Young Sinatra mixtapes. He’s finally reviving the series after a ton of begging from fans.

In a new freestyle in support of the project, Logic sticks to his wits as he spits real lyricism over the boom bap production. He has a total of 3 tapes in the series, dating their releases between 2011-2013. It’s 2018 now, and Logic has a completely revamped sound, so how will he live up to the fire that is set-in-stone?

His freestyle is already telling, sounding exactly like early VMG Logic. His competence is more than prevalent, and we can only expect the best from the 301 native. Logic’s Young Sinatra 4 is set to drop on September 28th, so get your headphones ready if you’re a real Ratt Pack OG.