Stream Ludacris’s newest track “Vices”

Ludacris returns to the hip-hop game with his newest track “Vices.” Taking some time off the rap game for some TV time, acting in films likeĀ The Fast And The Furious andĀ Fear Factor, Luda has been doing quite the acting these past few months. Now returning back to his roots, he is treating his fans to a new banger “Vices.”

Delivering a high intensity track with a fast paced beat, Luda still sheds some light on drug and alcohol abuse. Going back and fourth between his women and his drinks, rapping how his bottles of liqour don’t argue with him unlike his women.

Still unclear wether this will be appearing on any future project but that wouldn’t be surprising considering the come back to the game. Listen to the track above and let us know your thoughts.

Ludacris Vices
Ludacris – Vices