Martin Shkreli Says No More Carter V Leaks


Martin Shkreli is done leaking Tha Carter V.

Pharma mastermind Martin Shkreli, owner of the secret Wu-Tang album, has been up to no good recently. Somehow, Shkreli got his hands on Wayne’ HIGHLY anticipated album Tha Carter V.

Martin likes to livestream a lot, and he wasn’t afraid to share his newest cop on the internet. He’s done this before, especially with the million dollar Wu-Tang album.

Welp, Lil Wayne wasn’t too fond of the leaks, and was also wondering how Marting got his hands on the project. Him and his crew further investigated the situation with Shkreli. TMZ reports that Weezy’s crew contacted Shkreli to put a halt to the leaks. Martin then reportedly assured that the leaks were done with.

Wayne has been holding the project for quite some time, especially after the entire spiel with Cash Money and Birdman. Stay tuned as we get more word on the situation, as well as more word on the upcoming project which is projected to drop this year.

Featured Image By House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons