Meek Mill Fires Back At The Game With “Ooouuu” Remix [STREAM]


Meek Mill Ooouuu Remix

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Stream Meek Mill‘s Ooouuu Remix, or The Game diss track above.

Oh yes, with the ongoing beef between both of the mainstream artists, Meek Mill fires back at The Game with a quick Ooouuu Remix. After The Game came at Meek on his 92 Bars track, that clearly didn’t settle too well with Meek. The Game diss track features Omelly, Takbar, and Beanie Sigel.

The two artists have also taken to Instagram to continue the beef, with Meek’s posts since having been deleted.

Don’t call my phone tryna back out this ass whoopin…. & don’t lie & tell yo followers you ain’t hit my jack…. We ain’t got shit else to talk about… & this ain’t bout nobody but ME & YOU…. Don’t hide or run when you see me Meesha…. We gone have a old fashioned scrap like men & im going to beat the dog shit out you… You know you don’t want & that’s why you back peddling…. #CatchThisFade for puttin my name into an investigation & having detectives knockin on doors…… You know & I know you snitched !!!!! #YouSnitchedOnSafareeToSnakeHisGirlFromEm #YouRattedOnYaOwnMan #YouGotChasedOutOfPhillyByArAb #AndYouBoutToGetRanOuttaLA #DontCallMyPhoneRat #YoAssWhoopinIsSealed #SqueakMeal ????????????????? #Gone

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As we await for a response from The Game, stream Meek Mill’s Ooouuu Remix (The Game Diss) above!