Could this be another album cover for a new Meek Mill mixtape?

As most Meek Mill fans know, the thrill of DC4 isn’t over yet. Meek not so suddenly announced another mixtape in the works DC4.5 a few months ago. Whether it’s previeweing unreleased tracks on his Instagram or debuting new sounds at his clubs fans are crazy excited about a possible release.

Now adding more fuel to the fire Meek uploaded what looks like a new artwork to either DC4.5 or a new single. Following the same orange, filtered look as the DC4 artwork some people say it might be to the new 4.5 tape.

Meek captioned “Down Forever,” so other people think it might just be a new single called “Down Forever.” Either way fans are super pumped for it. Stay tuned for more details in the future.

Down forever. ?

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