Mf Doom notebook 6

MF Doom Continues The Notebook Series

MF Doom is back with another addition to the Notebook Series. Today, we get the 4th addition. This track features Kool Keith and is produced by Astronote.

The track is another hard hitting beat. MF Doom and Kool Keith go back and forth with the hard hitting rhymes. Doom is known for taking on personas in his rhymes and in this one he plays the super villain while Kool Keith plays the hero. We can tell that they’re going back and forth by the following bars:

“Batman and Robbin, head bobbin’ no joke. See the penguin freeze up like Mr. Freeze.”     -Kool Keith

“It seems the forces of evil keep on winning, change your plans, and i’ll take that off your hands, retreat back to the cave with your mans.” -MF Doom