Nice try, Eminem.

At least that’s what MGK is claiming. If you have been living under a rock the past few weeks, it might come to a shocker to you that Slim Shady and his Cleveland counter-part Machine Gun Kelly have been stirring things up.

Things started with Em’s surprise album Kamikaze, where he name dropped multiple new wave artists coming at their necks with bars. He came at MGK as well, where he responded and dropped “Rap Devil” on Marshall which has since gone viral.

Eminem wasn’t a fan of the diss, and came firing with his own diss track titled “KILLSHOT”. The single’s artwork featured a comical take of a sniper pointed at MGK, but according to Kelly, “He missed”. At a recent show, MGK even wore a custom shirt with the image, and later posting to his Instagram for his response to Em. Peep the IG post below, and be ready for Machine Gun Kelly’s Binge EP out September 21st.


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he missed. 🎯🙅🏼‍♂️😂🖕🏽#legshot #rapdevilstillNUMBERONE #letstalkaboutit 😈🔪🐐

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