Machine Gun Kelly Disses G-Eazy For His Funk Flex Freestyle


The MGK G-Eazy diss isn’t anything to sleep on.

In light of their ongoing feud, G-Eazy dropped a heavy hard-hitting diss track on Machine Gun Kelly last night titled “BAD BOY”. The awkwardness surrounding G and Halsey’s relationship is at a ti, with MGK being seen with her after they took a “break”.

It was perfect timing for MGK to hit the Hot 97 Ciroc Studios to deliver a hefty 5-minute freestyle, and of course, he name dropped G-Eazy. It was short lived through 9 bars, but he definitely got his point across.

MGK freestyles “Let’s just keep it G, Only Eazy I fuck with is E, I seen he’s dyed his hair and got a hanging earring, I f**ked his girl now he look like me, This shit overbearing, How dare him, I dare him, Don’t think about comparin’, Now turn that frat rap off, I’m getting sick of hearing.” Whew.

There’s no telling who is winning this race with how new this beef is, but we can definitely expect it to drag on if it’s over a woman. Peep Machine Gun Kelly’s Funk Flex Freestyle above, and be on the ready for a response from G.