Migos have just announced a new mixtape named “YRN 2” as a follow up on their “YRN” mixtape.

Migos have tweeted the release date for their new mixtape, YRN 2, is dropping tommorow, January 18th.

With their new mixtape, Migos have also announced tour dates for their DABTOUR starting on February 17th, per twitter.

They have also released a few snippet videos teasing the new mixtape. We hope to see a new studio album later this year, and hopefully a few music videos with their new track lineup.

The DABTOUR tour dates are as followed:

February 17- San Francisco, CA

February 19- Santa Ana, CA

February 21- Los Angeles, CA

February 23- Portland, OR

February 27- Milwaukee, WI

February 28- Chicago, IL

February 29- Detroit, MI

March 2- Boston, MA

March 3- Philadelphia, PA

March 4- New York, NY

March 6- Silver Springs, MD

March 8- Raleigh, NC

March 11- Atlanta, GA

March 15- Charlotte, NC



Stay tuned to us and we will keep you updated when their new mixtape drops, as well as more updates on Migos.

Check out their snippets below: