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Unfortunately for hip-hop, there are only a few rap groups still relevant around today. Sure we the distinct old style of Run The Jewels, but no other rap group brings half the energy the family Migos does. Ever since first being founded 4 years ago by Drake, Migos have yet to hit the cultural (pun intended) cross over from mainstream choppy tracks to their own style. Each distinct sound from each of the members molds their style to fit any production and in¬†Culture we finally hear that. Breaking away from their quick assault banger’s with no meaning, the trio utilizes more than just their catchy hooks and ad-libs for a well molded project filled with classic trap music & cultural hip-hop tracks.

Known for their extinct energetic style, Migos prove they are more than just a one-hit-wonder group. I can count at least 10 banger’s on this list that each have their own distinct production and rhyme scheme. Besides their extremely catchy ad-libs and fun production, you can’t help but find those sneaky rhymes throughout the songs that just leave you mind boggled at how they made a connection from cocaine to something like spaghetti.

Diving right into the beginning of the tracklist to “Culture,” Migos grab the world’s best motivational speaker to open up the project for them DJ Khaled. From production from 808 Mafia the three quickly go into what seems a continuous rant between them and their ad-libs in the background. The whole idea behind the track is to really “up” the meaning of trap music and it’s stance in hip-hop. Mad respect to Migos for adding some meaning into rap’s trap era.

Besides the fact that Migos already have made the music video of the year for “T-Shirt” the track is nonetheless still a great banger. Huge shout out to Nard & B for still producing a slow homage banger. If one Migos song has the most cocaine references “T-Shirt” definitely takes the cake. Offset has developed a very unique sound now almost utilizing Travis Scott’s auto-tuned flow. Tracks like Murda Beatz “Growth” featuring Offset really show the drastic change in Offsets dynamic voice. Both known for their colorful background ad-libs the style fits perfectly into a slow Migo banger.

Besides the memed out “Bad & Boujee,” “Call Casting” is what really got me excited for the project, and i mean really excited. Wow do they all go off on this one. So glad Buddah Bless This Beat took a simple piano riff and turned it into a hip-hop master piece. With bits of Organ strings in there, really all the focus is on the raps. Delivering an extremely catchy hook the boys add references to Birdman, Zaxby’s and Quavo even managed to fit Andy Milonakis’s name into a rap, and it sounded beautiful.

Before the Internet turned this track into one big meme, this bouncy track was a huge hit and highly respected in the hip-hop community. “Bad & Boujee” is mainly known for the tremendous background ad-libs and trade marked “Dat Way.” This beat was definitely a hit though, props to Metro & OG G-Koop. The song has been sitting at #1 on Billboards Hot 100 for awhile now. Now notorious for it’s “Rain Drop, Drop Top” reference as well as Offset’s “Woof,” and even Quavo’s new name Quavo Ratatouille, another cocaine reference to a damn Disney movie. With Lil Uzi Vert’s hilarious verse this song just gets all the more funny. The best part about this song is the fact that Uzi asks himself questions and answers them in his ad-libs. Classic.

Migos over a Murda Beat was bound to show up somewhere on the tracklist. Ever since the four started collabing they have made it their own style and I love it. Almost catching a Japanese flute vibe, Murda gets creative for this one. Quavo handles the hook for this one, and it is catchy. Offset confesses his love for girls with cellulite? This is why I love Migos rhymes. With more references to coke than any thing, this track is nonetheless catchiest on the project.

Rappers have some strange obsession with Percs, we are starting to see more and more music dedicated to them. Future aka the father of Perky’s are getting challenged for catchiest song about Percs, from the trio of Migos. “Slippery” might take that crown. Grabbing Gucci Mane, the oddest beat on the project might be the best. Sounding of something from space this techno beat utilizes the in n’ out style baseline much like 2 Chainz’ “Watch Out.” Takeoff’s verse is probably the best, the rhymes are cool plus the rhymes are more isolated and can be appreciated more.

Besides Gucci & Future, no other artist has really developed a clean flow with Zaytoven on the keys….until now. Migos master the classy smooth style of Zay’s keys and beats to make a nicely molded track “Big On Big.” Instead of boasting track about women, money and drugs, the trio takes shots at the haters on this one. Quavo goes off in this one. The melody is dope and combined with the auto-tune of Quavo’s singing voice is definitely a fav.

“What The Price” is a different sound Migos needed. Who knew Migos could go over an electric guitar melody, and nonetheless make it sound good. I like the fact the three emcee’s are venturing off into different styles yet keeping the same intensity throughout the track. The song is like a trap-driven rock song. Quavo’s long ascending singing notes sound emotional and soft even though its a song about cocaine again. Over all a good constructed song.

Zaytoven got the bounciest beats, don’t @ me. “Brown Paper Bag” definitely has one of the waviest beats on their whole arsenal of music. This song has the classic Migo energy. What other rapper/s dedicate a whole song to a brown paper bag and make it wavy as hell. This track is fun and is well needed into the tracklist.

Sounding like something out a dramatic movie scene, Migos take a deep full sounding Orchestra strum for a spin on their track “Deadz.” Quavo takes a super simple hook and makes it sound pretty decent. The bass is really what gets me, this is the song to get all the kids to dab to. Another ad-lib king 2 Chainz makes this track all the more better. Dope flow and even throws out a hint of a possible investment to a bowling alley…he got money out the gutter.

“All Ass,” has the potential to be top 3 on this album. Dedicated to all the butts in Atlanta strip clubs, this is a party track. That hook is catchy af!!! Quavo owns this one, cud dos. Nothing too special lyric wise, besides the 3 boys praising the booty. The beat and hook make this one stand out though.

I think this was one of the most anticipated tracks when the tracklist was originally announced. Everyone knows Migos & Travis Scott got that same flow, a collaboration would be crazy. “Kelly Price” delivers just that. Something about that Travis & Quavo duo that makes your head bob like crazy. Besides the fact that this song flows better than water, this track funny as hell. Quavo’s use of “She gon’ eat this molly like it’s rice,” and the fact Travis said he woke up with cocaine in his hair and thought it was lice will never be topped for funnier lyrics.

Wrapping up the album i feel it was appropriate to finish it off with “Out Yo Way.” Taking it back to Yung Rich Nation, Migos bring it back to that slow cooker hook and simple production. This is like the Migo version of love song. Takeoff goes off in this one. This heartfelt track was a good choice to close the list.

Culture (feat. DJ Khaled)
Call Casting
Bad & Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Get Right Witcha
Slippery (feat. Gucci Mane)
Big On Big
What The Price
Brown Paper Bag
Deadz (feat. 2 Chainz)
All Ass
Kelly Price (feat. Travis Scott)
Out Yo Way
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