Migos – “Ice Tray” feat. Lil Yachty [MUSIC VIDEO]


Watch the “Ice Tray” music video by Migos and Lil Yachty above.

After a ton of controversy surrounding this music video before it even released, we finally get the full effect. Bringing on DJ-Akademiks, Joe Budden, and Nadeska look-alikes, Migos take major shots at the Everyday Struggle crew.

If you didn’t already see, Migos dropped the official single cover to the track featuring Joe Budden on the cover. What’s even funnier is that all three members of the Everyday Struggle cast said that THEY would even star in the short flick.

Instead, Migos went ahead and got a few look-alikes, but only were in the film for two small segments. The scenes were almost unnecessary, and Migos didn’t do a great job of conveying their point (if they intended for this to be a diss track). I’m sure we’ll get a great reaction from Joe Budden and Akademiks on their show, so stay tuned for that. Watch the Ice Tray music video above.