Migos are allegedly under fire for inciting a riot.

The hip hop trio are facing some legal issues after reportedly inciting a riot at a 2015 concert in Albany, New York. The three showed up late to the concert, and refused to go to their meet and greet in which fans paid for.

HotNewHipHop reports that tensions were rising in the venue, and Migos fed the flame with by encouraging fans to fight. A few concertgoers were then stabbed, robbed, hurt, all while the Culture 2 artists watched and encouraged from the stage.

The lawsuit is being filed by the venue, and according to TMZ the venue says Migos “caused patrons to be stabbed, robbed, beaten, severely harmed, and injured, laughing and egging the crowd on as metal gates were ripped from the ground and thrown into the crowd.” Below you can see the brawl in the concert venue for yourself, and we’ll keep updated on the story as it develops.

Featured Image Via Instagram