Moemaw Naedon – “Slime Volcanoes” feat. Calig Kontra [STREAM]


Stream “Slime Volcanoes” from Moemaw Naedon and Calig Kontra.

With a gritty undwindling flow and untested talent, Pittsburgh-based producer & emcee Moemaw Naedon is here with a grimy banger. Tapping New Orleans wordsmith Calig Kontra, the duo team for an artistic wave paving way for extreme cohesion across the board. We get precisely what you’d want from names like these.

Naedon, who also produced the single, puts the essence of the single in his own words describing it as an “introduction to what happens when me and this New Orleans mic annihilator get together.” The track stems from Naedon’s forthcoming project Dr. Deadhorse, which is slated to drop next Monday, June 1st. As we await the full effort, take a listen to the pre-leak below on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more.

moemaw naedon slime volcanoes
Moemaw Naedon – “Slime Volcanoes” feat. Calig Kontra