WATCH As Mom Gets Distraught Over Vince Staples’ “Norf Norf” [HILARIOUS]


Watch as a mom gets mad over Vince Staples‘ Norf Norf above.

A mom recently got extremely salty after hearing Vince Staples’ hit Norf Norf on a local radio station. She gets so beyond distraught she starts tearing up during the video. The mom was clearly unhappy that her daughter was in the car while the track was playing.

After her 3 minute rant on how bad hip hop is in general, she then proceeds to read all the lyrics WITH the swear words from Norf Norf. Pretty ironic as her daughter is in the room, but was complaining about the clean track playing in the car.

Regardless, the mom gets real mad at the track and furious at hip hop in general, as she thinks this is what all hip hop is like. When she couldn’t find the artist who sang the song, she said it was by “Summertime ’06”, which is Vince Staples most recent studio album title…

The real question is why she was rehearsing the track with her daughter in the room, as it was quite contrary to what she is preaching in the video: clean music for our youth.

Yes, the memes have already started. The first of the memes being a soundcloud track that the mom’s audio is manipulated to ┬áthe beat of Norf Norf. Stream the absolute humorous track below, and stay tuned to keep updated if anything else plays out with this antic mom.