Nardwuar Vs. Drake & 40 [Watch]


Watch Drake & 40 get an interview from Nardwuar. 

Obviously we knew it was on the way. After the highly anticipated¬†Views,¬†Drake and his producer 40 scored an interview with Nardwuar. The three Canadians chill in a studio in Toronto where of course Nardwuar gave them lots of quirky gifts, that explained alot of where Drake’s style came from and their influences.

A Biggie figurine starts off the gift’s as 40 speaks on the importance that Biggie and Common has played in his musical influence. We then see Drake get a special message from Timmy Thomas an artist who where he got the sample of “Hotline Bling.” Other notable topics mention were Drake’s love for Vybz Kartel, as well as any and all dancehall, and his Memphis roots. Tune in for the video above and check out all the topics discussed.