neon brown lappel du vide

Stream L’appel du Vide from Neon Brown.

With a jam packed arsenal full of nothing but quality behind the key control, Neon Brown puts his talent at the forefront of rich production for his newest project. Full of instrumentals for sounds ranging across the board, the tape brings a cohesive storyline that plays out like a Greek tragedy.

It’s all in relation to “The Call of The Void”, the title’s translation, which brings an imagery element to play as Neon tackles the essence of the urge to destroy oneself. Neon feels that is a direct metaphor to modern day America. The project coincides with Neon’s “Maintain” and “The Lights Go Out”, and you can get instant download with the purchase of the vinyl. Take a listen to Neon Brown’s newest instrumental project above on Spotify, or below on your favorite platform.

neon brown l'appel du vide
Neon Brown – L’appel du Vide