Stream Nipsey Hussle‘s new EP FLAUT (Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths).

Nipsey Hussle took off the past few Marathon Mondays to prepare for this EP called FLAUT. Only packed with 5 tracks, the fifth track, Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths, is the only new track.

Unfortunately, most of the hold tight Nipsey fans already have the four other tracks on their playlists. Tracks 1-4 were released in the past two months known as his Marathon Monday singles. The tracks are still laced with features from Rick Ross and Cuzzy Capone.

Not to take away from the EP as a whole, but Nipsey could have put a few new tracks on the EP. Each song brings something new, and holds a bond together on the lyrical aspect talking about the everyday problems of society. Stream Nipsey’s FLAUT EP above, and be ready for new Marathon Mondays tracks very soon.

Nipsey Hussle Flaut
Nipsey Hussle – FLAUT EP