pnb rock drake

A new PnB Rock x Drake collab is OTW.

PnB Rock is fresh off the release of Catch These Vibes which dropped today, and fans can already look forward to new music from the R&B artist. He took to Twitter to announce this through a fan reply.

A fan reached out to PnB on Twitter, saying him and Drake need to make some new fire. PnB quoted the Tweet, replying “Comin sooner than you know”. This solidifies that him and Drake most likely already have a track together, and the fans are ecstatic to see what they have to offer.

We can expect them to make a solid track, as both of them are top of the game in the R&B genre. Stay tuned as we get more information on the collaboration, and be sure to tune in to PnB’s Catch These Vibes album.

Featured Image Via Instagram