Post Malone is carrying on Lil Peep’s reign.

After news shocked the world that Lil Peep died due to an overdose before a Tuscon performance, many, including artists were devastated. Post Malone was one of the first to show his condolences after he took to Twitter.

Post was clearly devastated about the event, later even Tweeting that all he wanted to do was cry. Well, less than two weeks later, Post is making sure Peep’s name doesn’t go forgotten.

Malone just got a tattoo of Lil Peep’s face on his arm, and it turned out wonderfully. With a big portrait of Peep right on Post’s left arm, its good to see Post carrying on Peep’s name with some ink. Check out Post Malone’s Lil Peep tattoo below to see what you think for yourself.

Featured Image Via Instagram