Post Malone Targeted In Home Invasion Mix Up [REPORT]

post malone home invasion

Stupid robbers.

According to TMZ, “gun-toting thugs” targeted Post Malone in a raunchy home invasion stunt that went pretty downside for the robbers. When they invaded Post’s home on September 1st, their only problem was, well, Posty doesn’t live there anymore.

The dumbfounded criminals, 3 of them, smashed a window in Post’s former San Fernando Valley home, then proceeded to pistol whip one of the current residents. TMZ reports that one of the men was screaming “Where’s Post Malone?”, then stole $20k worth of cash and jewelry from the innocent home-owners.

Cops are currently trying to figure out if the stunt is connected to another home invasion in Rae Sremmurd’s home, where a safe was stolen just hours later. Luckily, Post is safe considering the invaders are pretty clueless, and we can just hope celebrity crime stoppages can start to fall on the decline.

Featured Image By The Come Up Show from Canada (Post Malone) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons