Post Malone is fed up with the Internet’s busiest music nerd.

Anthony Fantano (for those who don’t know) is a music critic who runs a vlog on Youtube titled “The Needle Drop”. Anthony has gained credibility over the years for his opinion on hip-hop albums.

However, every critic has people who disagree. In this case, it is Post Malone who is throwing shame on Fantano’s opinion. Fantano reviewed Malone’s album Stoney, and didn’t even give it a rating out of 10 like he usually does. No sir, not for Malone. Post Malone received a special review from Anthony Fantano, a “Not Good/10.” Check out the video here.

After seeing this video, Malone started embracing the hate. He even took to twitter to sarcastically retweet some of the tweets that were against him.

However, Malone is showing that he doesn’t seem to care about the hate he’s receiving for his album based on some of his tweets. Malone is showing gratitude for the people who do support him.

Malone made things even more interesting by changing his name to “AnthonyFantanoRulez” on twitter. While Anthony Fantano has changed the title of his twitter to “Post Malone Fan Acct.” This whole “beef” is pretty entertaining and it should be interesting to see if it goes anywhere else. Stay tuned for any updates.