a farewell freestyle

Quentin Miller Says Goodbye To Soundcloud

Quentin Miller has been a solidified name in Hip-Hop for some time now. The rapper feels that it is time to graduate from where most rappers start off, Soundcloud. Now, he delivers his latest and final track to his Soundcloud titled “A Farewell Freestyle.”

As for the track, it is a nice way to conclude his efforts on Soundcloud. Over the years Miller has gained a nice little following on the Soundcloud platform. He now hopes that he can get those fans to actually pay for his music. He explains in the track that he has bills to pay and kids to look out for, and since Soundcoud is a free music streaming platform, he isn’t receiving compensation from it.

Check out the final Soundcloud track from Quentin Miller and see what you think.

a farewell freestyle
Quentin Miller – A Farewell Freestyle