RedRum – “The Lucifer Effect” [ALBUM STREAM + VIDEO]


Stream The Lucifer Effect from RedRum.

With a ton of evolution under their belt within the past 5 years, the Orlando based duo of Red Eye and Racks are finally here to present their debut album. Running a perfect 10 tracks in length, the team bring a sense of stylized craftsmanship across their artistic take on modern hip hop.

Their talent is represented through pure imagery as suggested by the project’s title, and Racks paints a vivid picture with his quote: “In the Bible, Lucifer was considered good, until he challenged God’s authority. Then, like us, he was cast into the underground.” They’re here to challenge the greats and the mainstream masses through nothing but artistry. Alongside the album’s rollout we also receive the astonishing visuals for “Cold Blooded” which you can peep above. The LP is slated to come out on all major DSP’s this Tuesday, but until then you can check it on Audiomack and Soundcloud.

redrum the lucifer effect
RedRum – The Lucifer Effect