Rod Wave – “Pray 4 Love” [STREAM + VIDEO]


Check the “Pray 4 Love” music video from Rod Wave.

Rod Wave is Florida’s biggest selling feature on the come up, and with plenty of numbers to show for it, he’s about to shoot to the mainstream. With hits like “Heart On Ice”, this man doesn’t seem to dwell on the confidence level nor does he flail to an sound outside of his comfort zone. That’s exactly why he’s NEXT up, and his music does all the telling.

He recently was included as a signed act in Deezer’s NEXT class of 2020, where he’ll receive a ton of support from the Deezer team. If his music wasn’t enough, he landed a big deal for the coming year, and we can expect him to climb the charts with his latest single. As for the visuals, Rod paints a vivid picture of his lyricism through a dark sixth sense and rainy vibes. Let’s expect some big things from Rod Wave in the coming months, so keep an eye out. For now, stream his latest track on your favorite platform below and check Deezer’s NEXT 2020 class here.

I appreciate Deezer looking out for me and my music. I don’t take the love for granted. This is just the beginning for me.

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Rod Wave – “Pray 4 Love”