Watch The Second Trailer For “All Eyez On Me” (The Movie) – New Tupac Movie


Watch the second trailer for All Eyez On Me above.

With 20 years from Tupac Shakur‘s death, we are greeted with a new trailer for his upcoming biopic to shine some light on the day. Lucky for us, the new movie, All Eyez On Me, looks like an awesome new violent and musical portrayal of Tupac’s life.

The new All Eyez On Me trailer is a sequence of what’s to come in the movie. We can chew on both of the trailers until the full movie drops, which is set for November 11th of this year. Peep the first trailer we got a few months back here.

We can clearly see the new movie movie is going to be a great biopic, but watch the All Eyez On Me trailer above to formulate your own thoughts on the movie.