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Ski Mask The Slump God reveals the new release date for “Beware The Book Of Eli”

With numerous drops the past few months like “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle,” “Poltergiest,” “DoIHaveTheSauce?,” & “WTF?!,” Ski Mask’s heavily teased mixtape Beware The Book Of Eli has been pushed back many months. Taking to Instagram, Ski Mask finally reveals the new mixtape with be dropping the first week of April.


The First Week Of April You’ll Hear The 📓🔥 Positive Comments Only

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Posting on the pic Ski writes “The First Week Of April You’ll Hear The 📓🔥 Positive Comments Only.” Ski said earlier this year the mixtape was being delayed because of his smaples weren’t getting cleared. Seems now he has all the details under control and we can expect the full tape next month. 

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