Ski Mask The Slump God takes to Twitch to reveal his expected album release month.

Ski is trending in headlines at this point, and after dropping an absolute banger on the Lyrical Lemonade assisted visuals for “Burn The Hoods” tonight, he immediately decided to stream some Brawlhalla on Twitch. Kicking it with some friends, one of his Discord buddies asked if he’s got the album on the way.

Ski Mask replied that he’s currently working on the album, and that its expected to release in October. On top of that, he also stated that he is expecting to drop off two new videos before the album, alongside another track. That’s three new bops before the expected album release date, which will have his loyal fanbase delighted. Also as another surprise, the official music video for his latest bop included a beat switch to a new song, which is apparently the intro another song, and this sneak peek sounds like a banger. Take a peek at the full Twitch clip here and below, and stream Ski’s newest single here.