Ski Mask says he’s the only member left in his collective.

When Ski was in jail years ago, his group was founded and sparked a big purpose in the launch of Ski Mask’s career. He originally brought XXXTENTACION into the picture when they met in jail, but that didn’t work out when Ski decided to separate and pursue his solo endeavors.

Just yesterday, in a since deleted Instagram post, Ski Mask announced that he was the only member left in the group. “As of right now, nobody’s in Very Rare except me. Deadass. It’s a new Ski.” He also explained that he needs a new manager and assistant.

Fans are still awaiting his highly hyped up project Beware The Book Of Eli, which has been pushed back for a release time and time again. If Ski’s claims are truthful, the tape may be pushed back even further. Stay tuned as we get more info on his project, and watch the IG video below for yourself.

Featured Image Via Instagram