Leedz Edutainment’s new compilation album Eastern Standard is finally out along with Slaine’s new music video to “Source Of Power”

Building up some huge anticipation, Boston based promotional group Leedz Edutainment, has been promoting their freshly released compilation album Eastern Standard. Delivering some popular preview singles like Rite Hook’s title track “Eastern Standard,” the full 21-track project is finally available for stream.

In addition to the new release, Slaine, one of the Leedz most frequent Boston collaborators has shared his brand new visuals to his contribution track “Source Of Power.” The track’s purpose is to question the false truths depicted by mankind’s ongoing battle for power. Incorporated in the music video are some of the most infamous and horrific clips of war and hardship in the world. With the strong emotional vocals in the background, the music video is super powerful.

Check out the visuals, and head over to the digital retailer of your choice to support Eastern Standard, which is available now through all major download outlets and streaming platforms, via Leedz Edutainment. In addition to Slaine, the compilation features Mega Ran, Natti and Deacon The Villain (both of CunninLynguists), Rite Hook, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas, and many others.

Source Of Power
Leedz Edutainment – Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard Tracklist:

  1. The East Coast (feat. Mega Ran)
  2. The Motions (feat. Rite Hook & Chris Rivers)
  3. Where The Wild Things Are (feat. STL GLD, Ransom & Blank Face)
  4. Source Of Power (feat. Slaine)
  5. Buy My $h!T (feat. Spose)
  6. Never Lived It (feat. Cam Meekins, Sap & Michael Christmas)
  7. Pharaoh Gold (feat. Tut, Deacon The Villain & Natti of CunninLyguists)
  8. The Good & The Bad (feat. Chris Orrick)
  9. On The Run (feat. B.Dolan & Rite Hook)
  10. Izzy Dead (feat. Copywrite)
  11. Mechanical Movement (feat. Blacastan & Marvalyss)
  12. Enjoy The Movie (feat. Rite Hook & K.A.A.N)
  13. Scream (feat. Jarv)
  14. Set the Bar (feat. Tef Wesley)
  15. I Want It All (feat. Awon & Dephlow)
  16. Glass Case (feat. JSwiss & Jared Evan)
  17. Say The Word (feat. Dan Johns & The HunchPunch Champ)
  18. EveryThing Y’all Owe Us (feat. Mr Solid 150 & Stu Lee)
  19. King Of The Worst (feat. Dinosaur Burps)
  20. Seem So Hard (feat. Granite State)
  21. H.E.R. (Love Me Not) (feat. Rel)

*All Tracks produced by The Arcitype, except tracks 4 and 18, produced by Teddy Roxpin. Track 13 produced by Teddy Roxpin & The Arcitype.


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