Smokepurpp took to Twitter to take some shots at Russ

2017 has brought many changes to the hip-hop community as a whole. One of the biggest changes hwoever affected the community in a pretty negative. While hip-hop was once glorifying the use of alcohol & marijuana, the new wave of young rappers have brought the art of pill popping into the community. You will usully find the typical “SoundCloud rapper,” glorifying drugs like Xanax, Percocets, & Molly.

With the recent death of one of the popular SoundCloud rappers Lil Peep, has opened alot of light on the issue. Russ was one the biggest speakers to shed light on his opposing opinion on the issue in a very lengthy thread of tweets.

This seemed to offend and attack artists like Lil Peep who used and gloirified drugs like these. Specifically Smokepurpp, an artists known to show and glorify these types of drugs. Purpp took a shot back at Russ in a pretty ignorant way.

Some fans are taking sides to what they beleive. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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