Smokepurpp is back with a new single “Fuck You Mean,” with Lil Tracy & Slight

Smokepurpp, one of the biggest of SoundCloud rappers to emerge in 2017. Making multiple headlines this year with his fellow artist friends, Lil Pump, Trippie Red, Yung Pinch, & more. Known for his laid back hip-hop viber tracks, Purpp is back today with just that.

Today Smokepurpp tags Lil Tracy for his latest single “FucK You Mean.” With Slight Beats behind the boards, the new song goes along way in terms of Purpps style. Smokepurpp boasts and brags about his money and fame and questions dudes who question him.

Officially releasing on Slight’s SoundCloud, it looks like Purpp is returining to the good ol’ SoundCloud releases for a bit until his next project DEADSTAR finishes up. Unitl that time stream the new song above.