Snoop Dogg Drops New Track “One More Day” [Stream]


Stream Snoops Dogg’s New Track “One More Day”

Snoop Dogg has been incredibly active in Hip-Hop as of late. It is always a nice surprise to get new material from the Doggfather. Today, Snoop Dogg drops a new track “One More Day.”

This track steps away from Snoop’s traditional formula for his music. This song consists of a gorgeous choir laying down gospel-type vocals. Snoop has announced that he will be releasing a full gospel album in the next month. This new single gives us a taste for what that album is going to sound like. ┬áThis isn’t the first time that Snoop has gone outside his comfort zone for his music. He has also stepped into other music genres such as country, rock, and also reggae.

Snoop always does a nice job when he tries a new style of music. This track is a testament of that. Check it out and see what you think.