The Snoop Dogg reaction for the upcoming boxing match is hilarious.

With word of the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy boxing match still on, the tensions are high and the reactions are priceless. Rap veteran Snoop Dogg had some words for the fight, after seeing it on ESPN’s His & Hers.

The boxing match is taking place after Chris Brown and Soulja went back and forth over social media. Chris Brown then challenged Soulja, in which Soulja accepted. Just yesterday, however, Soulja apologized for all of his social media stunts from the past few months. Fans thought this signified the end to the boxing match as well.

This doesn’t look to be the case, especially after Floyd Mayweather’s company, Mayweather Promotions will be hosting the match. Floyd Mayweather will also train Soulja up until the match comes.

Snoop Dogg clearly got word of the match, and is geeked out by the fact he saw the boxing match promoted on ESPN. Snoop then took a funny reaction video, as he finds the fight to be a complete joke. Watch his reaction below, and stay tuned as we get more word on the boxing match soon to come.

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