Snoop Dogg Drops New Music Video – Revolution [Watch]


Snoop Dogg Is Pursuing Change In New Video For “Revolution.”

Back in 2016, Snoop Dogg dropped a studio album titled COOLAID. Today, almost a year later, we get a music video for the track “Revolution.” This video has some powerful visuals that show police brutality in the black community.

This Just Blaze produced track shows uncle Snoop walking the streets of the ghetto experiencing first hand horrible police brutality. Snoop preaches to the people of color that it’s time to stand up and fight. The director of the video, APLUSFILMZ, had this to say:

“We’re based in L.A., so Snoop Dogg obviously represents the West Coast to us, but he’s also an international icon. He means something different to people all over, so we wanted to use his message to show the lives of two kids living in distant corners of the world. People in power have preyed on ignorance to create a culture of fear in this country. A fear of people we don’t know, whose lives we don’t understand. This video offers an honest perspective on how similar our lives are, no matter what country we come from.”

You can check out this incredible video above and see what you think. Stay with us on any updates on uncle Snoop.