Soulja Boy squashes all beef in public apology.

The past few months have been nothing but public social media stunts to gain some attraction. Soulja Boy has finally come out and apologized after his indecisive put in and out of beef.

A few months back, Soulja started beef with both Lil Yachty and Quavo. Yachty recently put out a hilarious video making fun of Soulja Boy’s DJVlad interview. Then over the past week, Chris Brown and Soulja have been going back and forth over social media with some despicable words said to one another. Then, Chris Brown challenged Soulja to a boxing match, where Soulja accepts.

Now, it seems that Soulja not only has backed down from the boxing match, but squashes all beef with all of the said artists. Soulja even says in the video that he wants to make music with each of the artists he was just on poor terms with. Soulja Boy also explains that his mother is ill in the hospital, and that it is time for him to start focusing on the music.

Soulja’s apology proves that everything he has done was nothing but a publicity stunt, only to be shut down by this public statement. Watch the Soulja Boy apology below and see what you think for yourself:

Featured Image Via Twitter