Soulja Boy got caught renting an Airbnb penthouse that Soulja said he bought for 6 mil.

So DJ Akademiks has caught Soulja Boy in the act of faking a purchasing a 6 million dollar penthouse. DJ Akademiks said that he found the listing online and the picture were exactly the same as what Soulja’s video had. Watch Akademiks’ video below:

After this little dispute, Soulja Boy responded to Akademiks in a fierce tone with┬áno hesitation in throwing personal shots at the Youtube creator. Soulja claims that the Airbnb listing is his listing for if he ever wants to make a little extra money. Check Soulja’s Instagram post below:

Soulja Boy has been known to lie about things like this in the past, and now who is to believe after Soulja’s past mistakes and lies. Stay tuned to see if the story unfolds more between Soulja Boy and DJ Akademiks.

Soulja Boy in Featured Image By Reed Kavner (originally posted to Flickr as YOOOOUUUUU!) [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons