Steve Spiffler Showcases His Skill In “Rhythm Roulette” [Video]


Steve Spiffler Flips Three Vinyls Into Dope Beats

Steve Spiffler, out of Stockton, CA has come through with an incredible showcase of skill in this latest video. The beatsmith himself decides to take three random vinyls and add his own touch to them. We watch the genius take us through his process, and he ends up creating a dope finished product.

After seeing what Steve can do in this video, it is no surprise that he has flipped mainstream songs and added his own touches to them. These songs include Migos’ “Bad and Boujee,” French Montana‘s “Lockjaw” and Future‘s “Mask Off.”

However, one of Spiffler’s most crowning achievements was his project 10 Days of Acid and Coloring BooksIn this Spiffler tastefully remixes Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book, with a 23 minute non-stop mix. His work was even noticed by Chance himself. Chance sent out a tweet shouting out Spiffler for the work with a few choice emojis.

Spiffler took the finished product from the video above and made those beats available on soundcloud. Check those out below! Stay up to tabs with this young talent because you will hear more and more of him as time passes. The future is looking bright for Steve Spiffler!


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