“Summertime Magic” To Be First Single Off Upcoming Childish Gambino Album

summertime magic childish gambino album

Childish Gambino is taking over the industry this Summer.

Just yesterday, Childish Gambino shocked the world when he dropped a simple 2-track EP titled the Summer Pack. The project entailed both “Summertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer”, both of which are quite fitting for the months of July and August.

‘Bino just inked a new album deal with RCA Records, and RCA just revealed that “Summertime Magic” will be the first track off Glover’s forthcoming project with Wolf+Rothstein/RCA Records. They detail more in the release regarding the songs, being a follow up to “This Is America” which hit platinum in just 3 weeks.

With the exciting news comes unfortunate news. Gambino explained to press in a post-Grammy interview that he only has one more album on the way, so it looks like the track will be the first track on his last album. Check out Childish Gambino’s Summer Pack EP here, and stay tuned as we get more specifics on on his upcoming studio album.