Tanya Morgan – “Louder” [MUSIC VIDEO – WATCH]


Watch the “Louder” music video by Tanya Morgan above.

Hip hop duo Tanya Morgan is here with some visuals to their hit track “Louder” off of their most recent released project YGWY$4The duo, which is composed of Von Pea and Donwill, provide an excellent flow on the song.

For the actual video however, the directing team got a little creative. The director’s son plays the main character, Elijah, who is a young hustler out of Atlanta. The video looks into the every day life of Elijah, a burgeoning entrepreneur in the music game who moves units and pantomimes the track’s lyrics.

Not only is the video shot in Atlanta, but the director George Gomez taps some local talent like Zipporah Joe’l (who plays Elijah’s mother), FRKO (Action Bronson’s illustrator), and Mr. Fahie (a multi-talented artist) for the video. We can expect a ton of content from the duo in the coming months so be prepared for that. Watch the astonishing music video above and be sure to check out their latest project YGWY$4 here.


• Tanya Morgan: https://twitter.com/TanyaMorgan

• Von Pea: https://twitter.com/VonPea

• Donwill: https://twitter.com/donwill

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• Website: http://www.tanyamorgan.net

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