Tay-K might have a long legal battle ahead of him.

Tay-K has infamously rose to fame through his defiant legal troubles, currently being held on two counts of capital murder and aggravated robbery. XXL reports that Tay has now been slapped with even more charges.

According to documents obtained from the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau, Tay K was discovered with a prohibited substance, though unknown at the time of this article. He was hit with the charges on August 2nd.

Tay’s bond is set at $10,000, which is unlikely to be made after denied bonds on previous charges. His legal battles ahead of him are vast, being charged with his alleged role in a 2016 murder of 21-year old in Mansfield, Texas. Police also claim he robbed and killed a 23-year old at a Chick-Fil-A in San Antonio.

Tay-K still awaits trial for both charges, and now has to deal with yet another. In June he was sued by victim families for over $1 million for allegedly profiting off his crimes with his record deal. More on Tay-K’s legal situation as we get information.

Featured Image via Instagram