Taylor Bennett Feel Remix

Taylor Bennett Remixes “Feel” By Kendrick

Today, Taylor Bennett gives us a whole new take on Kendrick Lamar’s “Feel.” Bennett handles the track very well by taking a deep dive into the instrumental and delivering some deep thoughts.

Kendrick would be proud of the this remix. Bennett rants about his inner-feelings and how he feels. He makes us feel his struggle. It’s easy to tell when you can literally hear the struggle in his voice. Bennett took to instagram to leave fans with a heartfelt note with the track:

“Very often I’ve had thoughts of quitting this industry but even when I get so low that I want to give up there is an energy that pushes me to want to vent… I ride the waves and star gaze 2 keep writing the Bible. While I was writing this it felt like my last attempt to breach the music industry which explains the ending chorus, ‘I feel like won’t nobody play this for me.'”

Check out this new remix below and see what you think. Stay tuned for any other updates on Taylor Bennett.