Teammate Markus returns today with a new LP Prices.

Tempa Arizona’s own Teammate Markus returns today with the drop of his new album Prices. Laced with 13 tracks you will find features from Cam Meekins and Sean Diego.

It’s a thought process. It means holding yourself to a higher standard, setting your prices high, and knowing your worth

-Teammate Markus

After releasing several notable projects over the past few years, Teammate Markus shares his most impressive and remarkably produced effort to date with Prices. It serves as the rising Tempe, Ariz. rapper’s full-length debut and, fittingly, captures everything you’d want from an artist in his first proper showing.

That being said, Markus’ previous releases allowed for growth and maturation, because while still young, there’s a weight to the emcee’s words throughout this record. And you hear it right from the jump with “We Out Here,” a magnetic and energetic opening cut that he’s been playing live recently to the joy of his crowds.

“It really sets the tone for the whole record,” Markus says of “We Out Here,” while adding that other personal Prices standouts include “About You” and “Cup of Tea.” The former is a surprising slab of funk, fueled by Markus’ fun vocals and producer Harry Mars’ bright instrumentation. “Cup of Tea,” which received the video treatment, is also fun, but in more of a stunt-on-your-haters type of way.

Harry Mar’s bright instrumentation’s provides the lush canvas for the entirety of Prices, and that becomes evident with each track that plays on the album. He and Markus are a natural duo—they also play together in the band Without Feeling Weird—and like-minded studio rats. That, too, is evident when you hear a cut like “Drunk As Me,” which boasts thoughtful production from Mars and world-weary wisdom from Markus.

“My goal for this record is to really make a statement,” Markus says of Prices. “I want people to know that in our little corner of the valley we are making music at a seriously high level, and I want people to feel as proud of it as I do.”

Teammate Markus – Prices

One listen to Prices and it’s safe to say you’ll feel that pride, and then some. Prices is now available through iTunes and all major digital retailers and streaming platforms!

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