Stream Teck-Zilla’s newest beat tape Jetsoul Musique

As the year’s go on, producer’s talents have been more and more recognized throughout the hip-hop community. Uniquely, Montreal based producer Teck-Zilla gifts us with his latest compilation beat tape of finest work Jetsoul Musique.

Laced with 5 different beat tracks, Zilla’s concept beat tape paints a sonic picture of the entire flight process, from boarding, to turbulence, to the oh-so-sweet feeling of reaching your destination. While keeping his hip-hop roots, Zilla also imcorperates a beautiful blend of soulful jazz.

The whole project was said to be inspired by the Teck’s frequent travels throughout the world. The new project mixes the right amount of upbeat head bobber’s with mellow instrumentals.

Jetsoul Musique is now available for stream via AudiomackBandcamp and SoundCloud.

Jetsoul Musique
Teck-Zilla – Jetsoul Musique

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