Stream Tehondi’s “Pay The Price”

Tehondi has been grinding in Hip-Hop for quite some time now. While dropping various tracks throughout the years, the Chicago rapper has obtained a decent (growing) fan base. So much so, that he was able to catch the attention of the editors here at Rhyme and be featured as one of our Rhyme Risers. Check out Tehondi’s newest track “Pay The Price” above.

This new song displays Tehondi’s skills on the mic. In all aspects of the track Tehondi has a great presence; his bars, his chorus, and his energy all are very impressive. The track is all about his grind and how badly he wants to be successful. He questions the listener if they are willing to pay the price to become successful like he has. If anything, you have to respect the hustle of this young artist.

This latest track is a great listen and we are very excited to see what else Tehondi has in store for us next. Stay tuned for any updates.

Tehondi – “Pay The Price”